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96.2% CTOR | Email OPT-IN rate spiked 286%

2015 Pulse Award

It had been a ROUGH year since the launch of the Xbox One. The time had come to say thank you to the people that had made the Xbox One such a success, the fans.

To do this we sent out a highly personalized email filled to the brim with the kind of information our fans crave. An email all about them.

It was the longest email we've ever created.

The fans loved it. they took to Reddit and NeoGAF to compare their stats. Folks who had not opted in started to complain that they had missed out. This led to record numbers of people flooding to sign up for corporate emails.

The numbers for sign ups on a single day surged by 560 percent.

The very next day we sent out millions of "blind box" emails. These were anchored by a simple 3d box as the hero, stylized after the "blind box" collectables that are so familiar with our fans. Once clicked, the email took them to a landing page where they were shown what they had won.

Some got free copies of The Master Chief Collection, some a custom Year One posters emblazoned with their Gamertag, one lucky gamer even got a limited edition Call of Duty 1 terabyte system.

Open rate was 1.5 times our average, and as the emails were shared and compared, more and more gamers wanted to be a part of Xbox emails—leading to an email opt-in rate spike of 286%.

On the blind box email, we observed a 1266% lift in engagement and millions of clicks to download extra Xbox Year One exclusive content.

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