Concept/Art Direction/Design

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2016 Gold Addy Award
2016 Silver Addy Award
2016 Gold District Addy Award
2016 Silver District Addy Award
2016 Silver International DMA Echo Award
2016 Bronze Mixx Award
2016 Webby Award Nominee

The Year One campaign had been a success, but this time we wanted to let EVERYONE in on the fun.

Gamers love to see what they've accomplished, so we gave them just that—and then some. Xbox gamers who signed in to the campaign microsite were treated with a comprehensive overview of their 2015 stats on Xbox.

From the games they played, to the gamerscores they earned, from the achievements of their friends to how they compare with the whole Xbox community, users were able to get an extremely personalized view of the ways they personally spent 2015 gaming (and more) with Xbox.

Tapping into our audience's inherent competitiveness, we used this site to encourage our users to share their personal stats with their friends in and out of the community. And that's exactly what they did.

We created 11.5 Million autobiographical emails. The click-to-open rates exceeded benchmarks by 122%. Also, there were 80 mentions in press, blogs and forums, and nearly 1,000 social mentions. It won multiple Gold and Silver ADDYs, a District Silver ADDY, a Silver DMA ECHO award, a Bronze MIXX award, a Webby nomination, and went on to become a yearly program for Xbox.

Digital, Social, UX