Concept/Art Direction/Design

Showing off the Microsoft AI platform

All animals are a little bit magical.

To prove this, we combined the magic of AI with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and created an app that lets muggles see the wonder that is all around them. Using the wizard-like powers of Microsoft's Cognitive Services, people can analyze their pets and reveal the fantastic beast within.
We trained the artificial intelligence for the Fantastic Beasts app with Microsoft Cognitive Services. Through machine learning, the app understands a variety of visual markings and textural details about the creature being identified, and determines what fantastic beast lurks inside.

The user is then shown a comparison of their pet and the beast, plus some cool wizarding world information about the creature. Muggles can then share their discovery on social media or further the adventure by exploring nearby fantastic beasts with the in-app locator map.

App, UX