Art Direction/Design

61.1% higher CTOR than average 

2016 Gold Addy Award
2016 Gold Addy District Award
2016 Silver Addy District Award
2016 Gold District Addy Award
2016 GMA Award
2016 Webby Nominee

Rise of the Tomb Raider was now a Xbox exclusive. With a smaller audience than the previous title had on the 360 we needed to rally the troops.

Tomb Raider fans love a challenge. So what better way to drive buzz and preorders than to sate their thirst with a digital adventure. To start the journey, we created new technology that allowed them to interact with our email.

Then we packed the communication with clues and puzzles. What started with deciphering code to open sliding stone doors led to a map which revealed a link way down in the legal copy.

Once clicked the link lead our explorers to a landing page where there was yet another trial to overcome.

Only an elite 0.1% of gamers solved the puzzle, but that meant it worked. We had achieved the world’s hardest email that only the most Lara Croft-ian gamers could solve.

Social media erupted with tens of thousands of Tomb Raider fans trying to solve the puzzle, generating goal-busting sales. The email achieved 61.1% higher CTOR than average.

CRM, Digital, UX