Art Direction

472M impressions | Standing ovation at Cannes

For years, marketing of  "The Outdoors" has been dominated by images of men. You know the drill... dirty flannel, lots of stubble. REI saw themselves as part of the problem and decided to take a stand. Enter Force of Nature, an initiative designed specifically to close this gap.

This campaign spotlighted women of the outdoors, telling their stories and giving them a platform for discussion. This included an entire issue of Outdoor magazine dedicated solely to women. The initiative also drove the design of female-focused products and weekly activity classes for women of all levels, created to welcome them into the largest playing field on earth.

This campaign was devised and created by the in-house team at REI. Then they reached out to Edelman to spread the word. And spread the word we did to the tune of 472,000,000 impressions.

For all their effort REI was awarded the 2018 Glass Cannes Lion. It was here that the creative team stepped in to craft the acceptence speech, copy, and screen graphics as their executive stepped onto the world stage.

REI was not going to even travel to Cannes to accept the award. However, once Susan Viscon saw the quality of the materials the team had designed, she immediately booked a ticket.

We played a small role in the grand scheme of things, but it was inspiring to help grow the scope and land the success of this incredible campaign.

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