Concept/Art Direction/Design

8X the audience engagement

The MS Store business is made up of two halves. The digital half which deals with all online sales tends to be introverted, and the physical store half who tend to be gregarious and extraverted. Getting the "whole" to interact is a problem.

This year's theme “This is Our Place” told the story of uniting the two halves under one roof at the Annual Meeting.

The Experience Expo was created as a physicalization of this theme. It gave the MS Store team a common place where they could engage at their own pace through series of digital and guided demos.

These experiences were designed to bring to life Satya’s Five Solution Areas telling the story of what these specifically meant for employees of MS Store. Not only could they mingle and learn, but they could engage with the very information they were learning during their general sessions in a real and tangible way on their own terms.

We made it easy to have fun with thoughtfully designed Solution Area themed spaces, and a lighting scheme that not only bathed the room in color, but also told you what Area of the Expo you were in. The Expo had something for everyone. All of this was tied together with several giant interactive maps displayed on 83 inch Surface Hubs.

All of this drove 8X the average audience engagement and brought in rave reviews from attendees.

Event, Brand, Logo, Print, UX