Concept/Art Direction/Design

1.3M downloads at launch | CPI of .89 (far below the average of  1.24)

The Microsoft Pix brand had been developed, but now it needed life. There's a lot of apps out there...

There was a focused budget so we had to be smart with how we told our story. We formulated a paid/organic social and web banner based strategy as the base and centered on communicating the features through the lens of audience segmentation.

This strategy was augmented with roll outs at key events and locations that used eye catching leave behinds, informative standees, and gorgeous posters. The opportunity arose to be featured in the App Store so we grabbed hold, crafting banner options and had it in market within 24 hours.

As the Pix user base grew, we designed frames for in app use. This feature led to a co-branded social campaign with the Wizarding World of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Users took notice driving 1.3 million downloads within the launch period. It was true success at an incredibly affordable cost per an install of .89, WAY below the global average of 1.24.

Event, Digital, Social, Print