Concept/Art Direction

Turning the tide
Lumia faced a perception issue. They had a great device that was getting great reviews at a very fair price. But their current banner campaign focusing on value made the device seem cheap.

Research showed that Lumia owners usually lived in more rural parts of the country and for many of them the Lumia was their first smart phone. They wanted less of a device and more of a partner. This insight helped us craft the new tone.
We moved away from tech close-ups and focused on the user and the world they inhabited. These banners were driven by images of landscapes and shipping yards that evoked possibilities. The copy never mentioned price and instead was empowering and told a more human story. We made sure that even the CTA was tied to the narrative structure.

Lumia was now the phone you would chose because it was the right phone for you. The value came through the usefulness of the device, not simply a price point or feature list.