Strategy/Art Direction/Design

+328.32% engagement and +30.42% followers for Evil Geniuses

The Evil Geniuses brand has been on a wild journey of redesign since 2019. But as we entered the 2023 season, it was time to take all we had learned and craft a legacy.

We decided to focus on the most consistent element of Evil Geniuses, the crest. EG is a disruptive brand, that has made ripples which are felt far and wide throughout the esports world. The crest is an elegant and beloved visual interpretation of these actions. A wide energetic sweeping curve that builds up to and ends in a point. This gave us our 2023 creative plan of the Curve and Point.
This strategy allowed us to deconstruct the crest. Not merely using the crest as a moniker but as a way to shape our layouts. These spaces and areas can be containers of information, photos, or textures. As such, we curated a wide swath of organic textures (paint, splashes, smoke, hills, waves) to add fluidity and disruption while remaining gender neutral. 

Once the look was locked, we started thinking how each one our teams might be represented. EG plays multiple titles from Counterstrike, to DOTA, to League of Legends, to Valorant, and Rocket League. Each game has a different vibe and gameplay style. We wanted to be able to speak to these specific audiences, while still remaining consistent to the Curve and Point system.

Then we went broader and started thinking about how things would play out in expected places like social and especially unexpected places like traditional out-of-home media placements. In fact, what if we combined them? What if you ran into our social header but while walking down the street instead of scrolling. If you’re gonna make an impact you have to think differently.

The redesign resonated with our teams and fans, while allowing Evil Geniuses to better tell their brand story. Outcomes showed increased engagement of 328.32% and 30.42% additional followers across owned channels.

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