Concept/Art Direction/Design

10X the average CTOR  |  National press covereage

2014 Webby Award

On the eve of the launch of the Xbox One we wanted to do something fun and simple for our fans. We gave them the tools to let them get out of anything and start playing Xbox One.

We created a web page where they could craft their very own Doctor's Note. Easy to use "Madlibs style" drop down menus helped them craft their narrative.

When they were done they could print it out for the intended recipient, email it directly, or share it out socially for all the world to see.

The response was excellent. The CTOR was 10X the average. Our audience loved that we got the joke and so many notes were sent that the the story was picked up by gaming, tech, and mainstream media, including Good Morning America and Morning Edition on NPR.

PS4 owned much of the conversation at this point, but suddenly the press and gaming community were ablaze with goodwill towards the Xbox One. Pre-order numbers spiked and the stage was set for a momentous launch.


Digital, Social, UX