Concept/Art Direction/Design

Taking cookies from villain to hero 

The award winning campaign built around the first Deadpool movie was comprised of a ton of content. The campaign for Deadpool 2 would be even larger and varied. But how to track it all while increasing the contactable base. After all in the world if the internet, cookie can be a dirty word. They’re spies, watching our every move, tracking our lives and reporting back to their corporate masters. But what if through the magic of Deadpool, a cookie could be transformed. Becoming instead a welcomed guest. One that gave instead of just taking.

Fans started the journey by signing up for the Deadpool Core and proudly accepting a cookie that acted like a “digital punch card” tracking how much Deadpool content they were consuming.

Cause there was a lot of it.

Like so much.

Then on the eve of May 2, 2018 creme de la creme of the Deadpool faithful were sent a digital ticket to a top secret hush hush show at a theater in one of several musically significant cities.

There we rolled out the tactical red kevlar with a themed experience as guests took their seats to watch a live performance directly from Las Vegas of Celine Dione debuting her new song Ashes from the Deadpool 2 Soundtrack.

This was followed directly by the world premier of the Ashes video.

It was beautiful.

All guests left with a vinyl soundtrack and a signed cassette single of the track to commemorate the event. Selfies were snapped, words typed, and the benefits of being part of the Deadpool Core started spreading.

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