Concept/Art Direction/Design

1M+ new CS users after re-launch

There was a ununified collection of APIs known as Project Oxford that had to be rebranded as Cognitive Services and brought to market in 9 weeks. Build, Microsoft’s premier dev focused event was fast approaching.
We created "Give Your Apps A Human Side." A rally cry to capture the hearts and minds of devs everywhere looking to make their projects smarter and easier to interact with. The tagline speaks directly to the ease of use and modular nature of the APIs while providing the value story with a playful wink.

The icon system was created to mirror the process devs follow when searching for APIs. The first step in this search is the category. To echo this we created shapes to represent the five categories of the collection: Vision, Speech, Language, Search, and Knowledge. Within these shapes we designed simple iconography to inform the user as to what the API does. This gave us icons that act as a two part roadmap as the user searches for what they need on the Azure Marketplace.

Once the brand was established, it needed legs. We strategized on how to make the most impact within the pre-existing marketing plan and dove in.

Within a matter of weeks the team created a multitude of assets

The new look launched during the Build 2016 keynote, devs grabbed API keys by the thousands, and the positive press rolled in. After the re-launch more than a million users were added to the community.

Brand, Social, Video