Concept/Art Direction/Design

A new way to securely pay

Microsoft was looking to make big waves in the credit card market. They had developed a secure password driven credit card that changed it's number every time you used it. They came to us to ask how they might bring it to market.

My team and I knew this was no mere card, it needed to be sold as a device. You needed to see this on a store shelf, not just pick it up at a bank. So we created packaging that made you feel as though you were buying a luxury piece of tech.

Then a name needed to be established. A device like this would empower the user in a profound way. It no longer mattered if a store was hacked. You were safe. You controlled your identity each time you input your pin number into the device to make a purchase. Things were different. CHANGE was here.

This led us to tying the power symbol directly into the iris of the user letting people know that this was a bold empowering device for people that wanted to draw a line in the sand. All the copy would be just as brash, crisp, and to the point.

The brand now taking form we started to pitch a number of tactics. We started with a sponsored article in the digital version of Wired magazine, then to emails and web banners. We partnered with our Chicago office to develop how the brand would extend into the retail environment. Everything from in mall kiosks to to interactive displays.

Brand, OOH, Print, Digital