Concept/Art Direction/Design

2X the average CTOR | Created platform envy

Post E3 2014 Xbox One needed to get the word out about their upcoming Holiday lineup. There was a huge story to tell so we created a visually rich interactive site to show all that Xbox One had to offer.

The recipe broke down like this: The Best Exclusives, The Biggest Blockbusters, and A Rapidly Expanding Library. The site was split into 3 horizontally scrolling panels each covering a pillar of the narrative.

All games were labeled via colored circles to let you know if they were an exclusive, a multiplayer title, or both. All game and box art was clickable taking you to associated game page that informed and let you purchase the title.

Between each panel was with a vertical social bar allowing you to share with friends or download the layout for printing. Along the bottom of the page was a persistent floating menu that allowed you to zoom out and see the "whole story," all 3 panels at the same time, or get in on the fun and purchase an Xbox One.

The communication had 2 times the average CTOR. The site was embraced by the community, shared voraciously, drove strong ROI, and gave Xbox One owners something to crow about. Playstation owners took to Reddit wishing that Sony would "do something like this."

Digital, Social, UX